Weapons Research of the Third Reich

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Lowery CJ
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Weapons Research of the Third Reich

Post by Lowery CJ » 23 Oct 2002 14:40

There have been many books written on the secret weapons programs of the third reich, many of which have touched on bizarre weapons research such as the wind cannon which produced a vortex of sound capable of shattering planks of wood at several hundred yards. I have also seen documents pertaining to a Japanese ray weapon capable of stopping a combustion engine at 200 yards. Can anyone recomend any interesting reading material on these more bizarre weapons research programs of the second world war?

William Wagner
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Post by William Wagner » 26 Oct 2002 18:07

most of those weapons were either fantasy, fiction, dream of a psycotic. Or so early in the concept stage that we would never know if they had worked. However the web is the best place for looking that stuff up. Barnes and Nobles has good information on advanced weapon systems actually used during the war.

However many of the web pages are really just conspiracy theory pages.

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