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Post by Lasse » 31 Oct 2002 12:30

Sudden strike!!! wounderfull game! its really fun in multiplayer, and a fps game: Day of defeat.

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Post by Tiwaz » 31 Oct 2002 16:04

Joshua Keppler wrote:What about "Medal of Honor"? Well, it-s a shooter, not a strategic game, but this is my favourite. I also enjoy playing Panzer Commander (especially when commanding a Tiger in "Wittmann" mission, or a Panther, in "Ernst Barkmann's corner" mission. I also played Panzer II.
Medal of Honor is fun to play but at the end it's not too good IMO. Single allied soldier most of the time running around killing lots of Germans...

Fun yes, but I personally wouldn't call it good.

Although Omaha beach was really guite an experience in the beginning...

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Post by Polynike » 02 Nov 2002 18:24

try these

combat mission 2 barabrossa to berlin
Steel Panthers WAW

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Post by [A21]Hans da ninja » 07 Nov 2002 22:54

if u like RTS games like Age of Empires, then try
suddenstrike, its hard though and i gaurantee u will die a lot at

for FPS games.
return to castle wolfenstein is great both single and multiplayer
medal of honor allied assualtgreat single player, multiplayer BITES.
day of defeat the BEST multiplayer out there, and its FREE!! graphics arent the greatest but the team play, the authentic weapons, its jus ROCKS!!
BF 1942 havent tried yet, but ive heard good things, but u MUST have a fast machine AND a fast connection, otha wise its gonna be slow

if u have a old playstation then you MUST pick up medal of honorit is A CLASSIC!

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Post by Toivo » 08 Nov 2002 14:21

Sudden Strike 2 for fun
Battlefield 1942 for FPS
Close Combat series or Steel Panthers World at War (Freeware!) for tactical/strategy.
Also, if for Grand Strategy, try Strategic Command.

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