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Berlin Express

Post by Eva » 03 Oct 2002 20:03

I happened upon this movie on AMC the other night. Berlin Express is a 1948 American film about the murder (or supposed murder) and kidnapping of man supposedly working to unite the four allied zones. The perpetrators are, of course, Nazis who think the underground Nazi party will function easier if the zones stay divided.
The film has a weak plot, where the American gets the girl and the 'good guys' win in the end. However, there was one teriffic thing about this movie- the last scenes.
Most of the film takes place in Frankfurt, but in the end, the travellers finally reach Berlin and the footage of the wrecked city was amazing. The camera crew drove right past the ruined Chencellery, the burnt-out Reichstag, down the Unter-din-Linden right up to and through the Brandenburg Gate. It was worth sitting through the entire movie for the footage at the end. If you ever see this movie coming on- tune in for the last 20 minutes, it's breathtaking!

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Post by Dan W. » 05 Oct 2002 05:35

Thanks for the info Eva. This is a movie I will look for. That is what is best about movies made in Germany right after WWII is the actual footage of the effects of the war.

Another to look for (and that is a good movie) is Decision before Dawn as it also is a late 1940's movie that is also believable and has some similar footage.

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