Vorwaerts nach Palestina

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Vorwaerts nach Palestina

Post by Von Schadewald » 02 Oct 2005 21:03

The Irgun, Haganah, Stern Gang, Avraham Yair, David Raziel and "Jewish terrorists" in 1942 were hated by the British.

But had the Germans advanced through Sinai into Palestine, were there any official British plans to use the Jews as useful fighters against Rommel, or at least against any pro-German Arab uprising?

Or was the loathing so great that they'd rather have nothing to do with them?

Was Montgomery the British commander in Palestine 1935-38?

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Post by LMA-17 » 06 Oct 2005 02:55

When WW II broke, Haganah and Irgun made a cease-fire with the British, while Lechi (Stern Gang) refused to made any deal with Britsh (British later killed Avraham Stern) . Raziel later were send with some of his men by British to fought against pro-Nazi arabs and Vichy French, where Raziel killed in action.Moshe Dayan also lost one of his eyes during campaign.
actually, British still made a pro-arab policy during that time. However, majority Arabs choose to wait-and-see. The only Arabs which British could trust was Hashemite Transjordan Kingdom, which have the famous Arab Legion under British officers (they help Britich to put down pro-Nazis Arab revolt in Iraq) . When British asking Palestine volunteers to help them, they found very scarce local Arabs who want to joined. Contrary, Jews tried their best to help Allied war efforts and to get more professional training by joining Allied force. Later, they were formed into a Jewish Brigade which fought against Germans in Italy.
Arab themselves paid dearly for theirs stand. During First Israel-Arab War, excluding Transjord Arab Legion, theirs forces were not effectve against Israelis.
However, although they got many help from Jewish people, British Government still run a pro-Arab policy. As an example, when a ship full Jewish whom escape from Nazis tried to land in Palestine, British refused them. The ship later exploded and kill many passengers. Even, until theirs last days rule in Palestine, British Government keep the policy, gave a major portion of Palestine to Arabs and offering Transjordan to annexed the Arab Palestine part (and abstain in UN voting to decide Palestine fate). However, excluding King Abdullah, Arab leaders reject theirs offering and followed the mass Arab tendecy: to fight and kick all Jews into the sea. We know the results.

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