Ghost stories from WW2.

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Re: Ghost stories from WW2.

Post by jbaum » 16 Dec 2022 00:52

I've had one US field telephone for quite a while, and thought I should get another one to see if I could make them work. I found a deal on two, so now I had three. I got one of the two to work, the other one had a bad part, so I hooked it up to the one I already had and had them working just fine.
The phone that didn't work had a really nice canvas case, the other one didn't, so I switched the cases to have a good looking pair.
My wife has little interest in such things, but I wanted to show her how well the phones worked and how clear they were. I brought the phones out of the basement (she didn't even know I had them), and gave her one handset and said to listen to how clear it was. She put it down like it burned her, and told me to get them out of the house. She said they were used to call in an airstrike on the Germans, that the owner died in an explosion, and that he's pissed because I switched the cases. She also announced out loud that she had enough to keep her busy, and she didn't have time for the guy and that he needed to leave.
The phones stay in the garage now.
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Ghost stories from WW2.

Post by Elizabeth1 » 16 Dec 2022 19:42

As the title suggests, they are ghost stories :D
VanillaNuns wrote:
12 Dec 2022 21:46
I thought this was supposed to be a serious research forum? Not for sharing unsolved ghost stories, myths and paranormal activity from beyond the grave.

Most of these above stories are absurd and ridiculous. That's my opinion anyway. :roll:
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Re: Ghost stories from WW2.

Post by Mary Jane » 27 Feb 2023 15:21

"Auschwitz's horrors still haunt Poles living in nearby town." ... SKBN1ZQ2CE

"Daniela Szelc says she is still haunted by the screams of people and barking of dogs carrying through the night from the nearby Nazi death camp Auschwitz three-quarters of a century ago."

And I do believe her...

This is not the first account of hauntings at Auschwitz I came across to.

Furthermore, there is an account that the Bergen Belsen is haunted: ...

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