Size of the Foreign Legion

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Size of the Foreign Legion

Post by Berichter » 29 May 2004 02:08

I've noticed that in WWII, the French Foreign Legion fielded many units during the war. I've heard that the Legion had raised regiments and possibly brigades. How large was the Foreign Legion by war's end?



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Post by Loïc » 31 May 2004 05:51

In 1940,but not after
1er to 6e REI,11th 12th(Foreign Infantry Regts)13th Half-Brigade(and even a newly created France Libre's 14th Half-Brigade("13th" when the old 13th of Vichy France was disbanded)
1st & 2nd* Foreign Cavalry Regiment(*disbanded in order to create various Recce Groups)a "12th battalion of pioneers"
We can add 3 provisional foreign volunteers regiments,but in fact they did not belong really to the Foreign Legion:21e 22e 23e Régiments de Marche de Volontaires Etrangers,

In 1944-1945 the Legion was reduced to regimental depots,a single Régiment de Marche,1er REC(both with the 5th Armored Division) and three battalions of the 13th Half-Brigade,with the 5e REI in Indochina untill Japanese "coup" of march 1945 against the French military & civilians


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