A fisher found sunken ship

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A fisher found sunken ship

Post by Locke » 15 Feb 2004 11:22

Last sunday, Vojko Hrvat, a fisher from Izola found human bones, bottles and shoes in his net. He marked the place where he found it and the next day divers of Slovenian marine police found a sunken ship which sunk in 1944 or 1943. The ship transported horses and cattle. Some old people from Izola still remember that in 1943 or 1944 one day six or seven horses swam on the shore near Izola. They were from the ship which sunk some hours earlier. The ship was from 30 to 50 metres long, but it is in a very bad condition. It was sunk by a mine. The divers who found the ship also saw an unexpolded mine.

From:http://www.delo.si/index.php?lev_0=0&le ... a_id=27914 (only in Slovenian)
Sorry for the rough translation.


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