LVII Panzerkorps

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Richard Murphy
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LVII Panzerkorps

Post by Richard Murphy » 06 Jun 2002 07:12

Ha! Found a way in!!

Does any one have a list of the commanders of LVII Panzerkorps, particularly for the period 20/11/43-19/2/44? Some sources list Hans-Karl von Esebeck as CO, but it would appear that he was the other side of the continent directing LVIII Res. Pzk. at this time.



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Christoph Awender
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Frhr. Hans-Karl von Esebeck

Post by Christoph Awender » 06 Jun 2002 08:43

Hello Richard!

According to the Stellenbesetzungsliste from BAMA 10.Dez.1943 he was commander of LVII.Pz.K.
LVIII.Res.Pz.K. commanded by Frhr.v.Schweppenburg

General-list Keilig says H.K.v.Esebeck commanded LVII.Pz.K. from 1.Dez.1943-19.Febr.1944


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Post by JC » 06 Jun 2002 13:01

Hello Rich,

General der Panzertruppe Friedrich Kirchner was the permenant commander of the LVII Pz.K. during that period. I think that the question is, did someone take temporary command while Kirchner was on leave at that particular time. As I'm sure you know, some sources indicate that H-K. von Esebeck commanded LVII Pz.K. at this time, some sources indicate that he commanded LVIII Res.Pz.K. at this time, and some sources indicate that he commanded BOTH at this time! I have a copy of the Dienstlaufbahn from von Esebeck's personnel file and it does not indicate that he ever commanded LVII Pz.K.! It does indicate that he commanded (m.d.F.b.) LVIII Res.Pz.K. from 1.12.43 to 10.2.44 however.


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Georges JEROME
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Von Esebeck

Post by Georges JEROME » 06 Jun 2002 16:18


In a french directory upon german division I found this confusion
twice given temporary C.O. of an AK

TESSIN bio of generals give :

1/12/43 - 19/2/44 LVII AK


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