GENERALFELDMARSCHALLEN between 1870-1939 (Germany/Austria)

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GENERALFELDMARSCHALLEN between 1870-1939 (Germany/Austria)

Post by Jérôme » 10 Nov 2003 21:15

Is anyone can tell me how many GFM were promoted during this period
with dateof Birth/death and date of nomination?
Here is a short list
Von BAYERN, Maximilian Joseph Maris Arnuf Leopold (1846-1930)
Von BAYERN, Rupprecht (1869-1955) Kronprinz Mal le 01/08/1916
Von BENECKENDORFF Und Von HINDENBURG, Paul (1847-1934) GFM1914 (All)Von BLOMBERG, Werner (1878-1946) GFM le 1/04/1936
Von BLUMENTHAL, Leonard (1810-1900) GFM?
Von BOHM-ERMOLLI, Eduard Bon (1856-1941) GFM 31/01/1918/GFM –and 31/10/1940
Von EICHHORN, Hermann (1848-1918) GFM?
Von HABSBURG-LOTHRINGEN, Eugen Archiduc (1863-1954) GFM 23/11/1916
Von HABSBURG-LOTHRINGEN, Friedrich Archiduc(1856-1936) GFM08/12/1914
Von der GOLTZ, Colmar (1843-1916) GFM 1911
Von HABSBURG-LOTHRINGEN, Josef (1872-1962) GFM 24/10/1918
Von HABSBURG-LOTHRINGEN, Eugen (1863-1954) GFM 23/11/1917
Von HAESELER, Gottlieb Ferdinand (1836-1919) GFM 01/1905
KOVESS Von KOVESSHAZA, Hermann Baron (1854-1924) GFM05/08/1917
Von MANTEUFFEL, Edwin Baron (1809-1885) GFM ?(
Von SACHSEN, Albert (Kronprinz) (1828-1902) GFM 1871
Von STEINMETZ, Karl-Friedrich (1796-1877) GFM ?
Von WALDERSEE, Alfred (1832-1904) GFM ?
Von WOYRSCH, Remus (1847-1920) GFM 12/1917
Von WRANGEL, Friedrich Heinrich Ernst (1784-1877) GFM ?
Von WURTEMBERG, Albrecht Prinz (1865-1939) GFM 08/1916

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Post by prj453 » 11 Nov 2003 23:56


You can find a list of the German Field Marshals on this thread:

You can find a list of Austro-Hungarian Field Marshals on this thread:


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Post by genstab » 09 Dec 2003 23:53

prj453 wrote:Hello,

You can find a list of the German Field Marshals on this thread:

You can find a list of Austro-Hungarian Field Marshals on this thread:

Genstab: Be sure to consult the REVISED list of WWI Field Marshals and Fleet Admirals I posted Dec. 7, 2003- there are two of them together as I tried to put a notice on the previous one that it was obsolete and that brought it up to Dec. 7th also.

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Post by Windward » 11 Dec 2003 14:15

A question: should those marshals come from Bayern or Sachsen royal families be called after their family names, as "Maximilian Joseph Maris Arnuf Leopold Wittelsbach" or "Kronprinz Albert Wettin"?

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Post by Ken McCanliss » 23 Jan 2004 03:18

The old Third Reich Forum links don't work any more, but you can find much of the information you seek using these links: ... s/103.html ... s/157.html

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