Please help researching an incident in Rumania 1944...

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Please help researching an incident in Rumania 1944...

Post by Christoph Awender » 29 May 2002 11:21


In a research I have to do I´ve run into a dead-end road.

A rumanian veteran had to bring two german prisoners (Leutnant, Unteroffizier) who were captured near Malaieçti to Ploesti where they should have been executed. They were sentenced to death and should be handed over to the russians.
The rumanian soldier had compassion with them and let the two germans run away.
The rumanian veteran now wants to know if the two germans got away and are still alive.
It is known that on a veteran-meeting someone started his speech with the sentence that he would´nt be here if a rumanian soldiers hadn´t helped him. So it seems that at least one of them is still alive.

Could you look up your sources and give a tip which german units where present in August 1944 in the area Malaieçti. The rumanian vet says they were Flak, or Panzer but I think it was a Panzer unit.
I have some thoughts but would like to confirm it with the knowledge of the forum.

Thanks for reading this,

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