I'm a little confused...

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Richard Murphy
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I'm a little confused...

Post by Richard Murphy » 23 May 2002 22:20

Okay, so how many read the title and thought "Nothing new there then!" :lol:
I've been looking at the OoB of 20th Inf./Inf. (Mot.)/Pz. Gren. and am a little confused by the listings for its infantry regiments.

20th Inf. Div.
I can find no specific pre-war allocations of regimental numbers, but believe the 90th, along with the 69th and 76th Inf. Regts. were part of the original composition.

20th Inf. Div.
Were the infantry immediately renamed Schützen upon the divisions motorisation in the Autumn of 1937? Nafziger does not mention the 90th as part of their OoB as of 20th August 1939, however, both Lexicon and Feldgrau do, so I take it this is an omission by George.
BUT Marus's listings (dated 1940) give the numbers as 76th and 80th (The 69th had gone to 10th Pz. by then), which agrees with Nafziger (Feldgrau only gives a "general" OoB, with no specific date.). What happened to the 90th? Or is it a typo (80th Inf. Regt. was part of 34th Inf. Div. Then, in a listing for 1941, Lexicon lists the 69th and 90th as the Infantry component!!! :roll:

I know we should check as many sources as possible, but it would be nice if they agreed once in a while!!!!

Regards from the Park,


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Andy H
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Post by Andy H » 24 May 2002 20:05

Hi Richard

Tessin also lists Art Regt 56 as part of 20ID before the outbreak of war, eventually becoming Art Regt 20 in '40.

The 80th is a Typo as 90th is listed in Tessin with thje 80th being with 34ID. However Tessin list the infantry component as 76 & 90, with the 69th moving to 10PD on November 1st 1939.

:D Andy from the Shire

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