SS-Stamm-Kompanie z.b.V. (Dachau) - what was its role?

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SS-Stamm-Kompanie z.b.V. (Dachau) - what was its role?

Post by stoveb » 14 Oct 2021 04:36

Hi there,

I am currently researching the 9th Pionier Kompanie SS-Panzer Regiment 1.

One of its members, Hermann Vey (26.11.1920 in Reulbach near Fulda) had been a member of the Kompanie from 08.1940 (in the 3rd Pi Kp, LSSAH) until the 13th August 1943 when he suffered an accident on the train transport to Italy, damaging his left knee and ankle. He was in various hospitals until February 1945 when he was assigned to the SS-Stamm-Kompanie z.b.V. (Dachau).

Luckily for Vey, he was released from the Waffen-SS on the 23rd April, 1945 - six days before the liberation of the Dachau camp by US forces.

Does anyone know the actual purpose of SS-Stamm-Kompanie z.b.V. (Dachau), were members used as guards at the camp?

Thanks for any help.

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