Claude Dornier - Pionier der Luftfahrt (Docu, 90 minutes)

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Claude Dornier - Pionier der Luftfahrt (Docu, 90 minutes)

Post by Hans1906 » 02 Oct 2021 18:00

Claude Dornier, the visionary of aviation, developed almost 70 types of aircraft from its beginnings to the landing on the moon. For some, he is an obsessive designer; for others, a shrewd entrepreneur who ran a corporation with up to 23,000 employees. To this day, the name Dornier continues to shape aviation and technology history.
Link to the Arte website: ... luftfahrt/
Please pay attention to the other docu on Arte about Louis Blériot also, both docus today from 20:15 online...
Info about all 6 docus: ... er-luefte/

A phantastic SWR docu from the year 2018, very worth seeing ! :thumbsup:

Enjoy ! :milwink:

Es ist im Leben wichtig, viel zu wissen.
Manchmal ist es noch wichtiger, zu wissen, daß man nichts weiß.

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