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How to read these tags

Post by Jan Vertommen » 17 Sep 2021 15:02

Dear members,

Can I ask for your advise?

I put my question in this section because I believe this might consider several branches of the German armed forces. I obtained a few strips of what I believe are Commonwealth identificationstrips for temporary graves. I can't make much of them but I tend to believe they are for German casualties. These popped up in Zandvliet near the river Scheld estuary. The timeframe on them is right ( oct '44) for the battle of the Scheld river. I have been working on them and I can only come up with German links. The one reading "unknow german" also gives me a clue...

KS-> Kampfshule
Inf.Ers.Btl-> Infanterie ersatz batallion
LG.Kdo-> Luftgau/Lehrgeschwader kommando

Am I on the right track? Is there somebody who can cut down the info on these strips? Please let me know.

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