Majestät brauchen Sonne / Majesty need sun, Germany 1999

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Majestät brauchen Sonne / Majesty need sun, Germany 1999

Post by Hans1906 » 12 Jul 2021 16:28

"Majestät brauchen Sonne" is a 1999 German-Dutch documentary film directed by Peter Schamoni about the life of the last German emperor, Wilhelm II.
Wiki (G)ät_brauchen_Sonne (Only av. in german language, sorry)

Link to the 1999 docu on Vimeo:
Majestät brauchen Sonne

If this documentation has been posted here in the forum before, then I apologize.
It is more of a satire, a little irreverent, perhaps rightly so, but very entertaining. 8-)
"Die Zeit" called the film a sensation. One sits in front of it for 95 minutes in disbelief. Concepts come to life with perception, historical interpretations are filled with flesh and blood.

„Im Leben gibt’s die Bösen und die Guten. Und die dazwischen, das sind die Bagaluten.“

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