WW2 references in "Star Wars"

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WW2 references in "Star Wars"

Post by askropp » 29 May 2021 12:12

We all know that the evil galactic Empire was imitating Nazi and Japanese uniforms, with some stormtrooper even carrying an MG 34.
But look at those "Resistance" insignia ... don't they remind you of certain collar patches?

resistance insignia.png
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Re: WW2 references in "Star Wars"

Post by Hans1906 » 29 May 2021 12:41

Good afternoon Herr askropp,

I once read somewhere, that director George Lucas found his idea for the "Stormtroopers" in old documentaries about marching german units.
The parading LSSAH in their black uniforms was supposedly an inspiration for the "Stormtroopers" in Star Wars...?

I am by no means a Star Wars fan, but I also remember that the LSSAH marching in goose step were also called "Asphaltsoldaten" (asphalt soldiers) in Germany at that time.
Presumably, however, at that time only behind a hand held up, for this designation one would have wandered at that time behind lattice, or into a KL, very surely... :?

Am I totally wrong ?

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Re: WW2 references in "Star Wars"

Post by Sheldrake » 29 May 2021 14:28

Star wars drew on several WW2 movies.

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