Colonel Kaufman at Turtucaia

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Colonel Kaufman at Turtucaia

Post by Myrkozg » 09 Jan 2021 17:06

I am looking for the informations about colonel Kaufman (or maybe Kaufmann) who fougth in the Battle in Turtucaia.

According to the article in wikipedia (Battle of Turtucaia) he comanded German-bulgarian detachment in first two days of the Battle of Turtucaia. On 4. september 1916. he was reccalled by field marshall Mackensen to Byala.

This is all what I know of him, so I 'm looking for any other information about him (his first name, date of birth, death, ranks, other units in which he served or comanded exc.).

Also, does anyone have a picture of him ?

Thanks in advance.

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