Picture of French soldiers 1940

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Picture of French soldiers 1940

Post by Orwell1984 » 20 Feb 2012 15:49

I'm hoping one of the knowledgeable people on this forum can help me out as I'm worried my memory might be going!
I'm looking for a photograph I can recall seeing in a history book when I was much younger.
The picture claimed to have been found on a captured German officer. It was taken during the 1940 campaign and shows a group of French infantry men attacking up a street in a village/town. The perspective of the photograph is interesting in that the soldiers are attacking towards the photographer, similar in style to the famous image of poilus attacking in WW1.
I've tried the general histories and the After The Battle title on the France 1940 with no luck.
Hoping someone can help me out further or I'm just going to have to attribute this to the crazed imaginings of old age.

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Re: Picture of French soldiers 1940

Post by Linkagain » 21 Dec 2021 14:40

Please see link on this photograph query
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