Info: Tank obstacles

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Info: Tank obstacles

Post by Erik E » 07 Feb 2003 17:52

Sounds like a quick post, but infact even German tank obstacles
turns out to be a own chapter to write about.......8)

The main purpose of a tank obstacle was not to stop the tank, but lead it to the place you wanted it to go, like a minefield or a Pak bunker.
The most preferred were ofcourse the nature it self. Rivers, valleys and mountains limited the movements of the tank. The building of German tank obstacles started during the construction of the westwall in 1936.

Permanent obstacles

The "Pfahlhindernisse" was build by placing vertical wooden poles
with a diametre of 35-40 cm`s in the ground. The poles were able to stop tanks and other vehichles weighing up to 20 tonnes! The price of this obstacle was allmost 100000 Reichmark pr. 1000 meter.

The next group of obstacles were called "Eisenbeton-höckerhindernisse" (often called Dragon teeth) It was made of concrete and steel just
like the bunkers. The first ones made in 1938 were one meter high, and were capable of stopping vehichles with a weight up to 36 tonnes. The obstacles later varied in size and shape. In somme occations even rocks were added in the columns to save money and time.

The anti-tank walls were much used along the coast. Some places an entire beach would be sealed off with walls.
Some of the walls built in the Westwall were up to 10 Km`s long. The first walls were usually 3 meters high and
70 Cm`s thick. For each 100-200 meters, there would be a "Kampfstand" (Pak or Mg nest) At a later stage, lower walls were also made.
The walls were made both by rocks and/or reinforced concrete.

The last on the list is the tank ditches. Infact just a ditch wich was dug out in a very steep angle, making it impossible to cross with tracked vehichles. The dicthes could easily be crossed with help of engineer troops, so it is often found together with other obstacles, like in front of a anti tank wall.
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