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Ali Saka
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WW2 game suggestion

Post by Ali Saka » 15 Dec 2002 12:56

Can anyone tell me a good turn based WW2 game that is divison or corps based?

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Post by Hannu » 15 Dec 2002 13:33

Well Hearts of Iron seems to be fairly good. And now there´s patch 1.02 which fixes some problems. Read more:

http://www.thirdreichforum.com/phpBB2/v ... hp?t=11159

Logan Hartke
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Post by Logan Hartke » 16 Dec 2002 07:11

Strategic Command works on the scale of Luftflottes, Corps, Armies, and Naval task forces. So far, this is the best (most accurate) game that I have come across that deals with WWII on such a large scale.

Logan Hartke

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Post by Zachary » 17 Dec 2002 00:43

Yes, Hearts of Iron seems to be all the best now. It's the best bet I think. All land, sea, and war units are divisions, fleets, and squadrons respectivaly. The land divisions can be merged into up to 12 division amry. Actually, you can merge as much as you want, but the highest commanding man (Runstedt for Gemrnay and a coouple others, not Rommel I know) can only command 12. You can always promote the guys if you want. You can also merge fleets and squadrons.
Hope I helped!
Zachary :D

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