Medal of Honor Allied Assault and Spearhead

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Medal of Honor Allied Assault and Spearhead

Post by mpb » 06 Dec 2002 16:12

do you guys know the EA war game?
graphic is very accurate, sounds are great and so the landscapes.
played in first person (like quake,half life..) and can be played online as well.
you can choose the play on both the axis and allies sides in the multiplayer game, there are objective maps,deathmacth and team match.
very nice indeed

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Post by DanielofDefeat » 07 Dec 2002 22:09

Yes, the MOHAA is a good game but i think the Dod is better, i hope The Russian Front is ready soon! :P

Anthony EJW
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Post by Anthony EJW » 08 Dec 2002 00:26

MOH:AA was fun, although the 'quake' feel to the combat was out of place in the serious WW2. All in all, very fun up to the end of the bocage maps- afterwards it becomes an exercise in patience as you have to save and load your way through a legion of German snipers...

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Drew Maynard
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Decent Game

Post by Drew Maynard » 11 Dec 2002 00:02

MOH:AA was a decent game, different scenarios, from Africa to France etc. Some of the scenes did look awfully 'Saving Ryan's Privates' influenced. The radar tower, the sniper scene where it's raining and the saving the bridge at the end.

However, one or two things: The ending sucks large. Long game and build up to nothing. Interesting to drive a Tiger in one of the scene and use the Panzerschrek. Good rendition of the SS uniforms and mix of camo and Panzer black in some scenes.

Also played Return to Castle Wolfenstein and the graphics were much better, but storyline humourous. Fairly far fetched- crypto-nazis and their undead being brought back to life. Funny scenes from that: SS Women's unit made up of psychic witche who wear high heeled thigh high leather boots...and at the end, an Adjuntant comes up to Himmler and speaks to him and the SS-Adjuntant has a full beard, and the witch 'Blavatsky' at the end has high heels and a swastika painted across her breasts. Super cheesy. Like Ilsa meets Tomb Raider. Looks like the writers of this game did some research (Paderborn, Blavatsky inclusion etc), but if you play it, enjoy the campiness of it and the great graphics.

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David Lehmann
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Post by David Lehmann » 11 Dec 2002 23:00

The isssue is to find teams that play "historically" I mean for example 3 rifles, 2 SMG and not 5 sniper or 3 bazooka and 2 FM BAR ... when you play with guys that try to "simulate" and not just to run quicky around, when you play really as a team, covering each other than it can be interesting yes ... I play it sometimes ... I am waiting for the 1944 mod of operation flashpoint, I like how they recreated the way you are aiming with your gun, realistic.

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