Nazi comedy "not the bravest"

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Nazi comedy "not the bravest"

Post by Annelie » 26 Nov 2002 16:57

Germany's first satirical film on the Nazis left critics cold and attracted a small audicence. Goebbels and Geduldig, shown on national television in prime time last week, is based on the idea that Joseph goebbels had a Jewish double, Harry Geduldig.

But reviewers complained that it lacked the wit, daring and depth of satires such as Charlie Chaplin's l940 classic "The Great Dictator", which poked fun at Adolf Hitler.

About 2.4 million viewers watched the film Wednesday, compared to 11 million for a Germany-Netherlands soccer.

Ulrich Muehe, who plays both roles, attributed the failure to lingering German "inhibitions."
He acknowledged the film is "not the bravest."


Did anyone from this forum view this film that lacked wit, daring and depth?

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Post by cybercat » 27 Nov 2002 20:40

I didn't think the germans had a sense of humour :wink:

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Post by Phaethon » 28 Nov 2002 08:20

cybercat wrote:I didn't think the germans had a sense of humour :wink:
They don't need a sense of humour, it seems thay have other interests...
Handcuffs the new sexy must-have

BERLIN (Reuters) - Handcuffs are the fastest selling item at five new shops tailored for women by Germany's biggest retailer of sex merchandise, the store chain says.

Beate Uhse said on Wednesday that handcuffs have been flying off the shelves of stores it opened this year to focus on sex toys for women, rather than the traditional male clientele.


"The shop had just opened and the handcuffs were all gone the first day," said Tschernookoff.


"This just goes to show that these days women know what they want and they're not shy about getting it," Tschernookoff said.; ... ID=1815996

:wink: :D


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