"Band of Brothers"

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"Band of Brothers"

Post by Slater » 08 Nov 2002 04:14

This HBO miniseries has just been released on DVD, although it's kind of pricey at between $60-80 depending on where you live. Absolutely the finest war movie ever made (in my humble opinion, of course). Although no war flick is 100% accurate in all respects, this one comes closest to it than most other movies. The producers went so far as to have the shoulder patches reproduced with the same stitch count as World War II era insignia, and the Corcoran company was contracted to produce a few hundred pairs of the old brown paratrooper boots for the actors to wear. Overall, a truly superb miniseries.

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Post by Ando » 08 Nov 2002 08:41

I have noticed on the American sites that BoB is around $80 US for the DVD box set. You can order it from Australia at around $80 AUS. It would be half price excluding delivery etc.

This is assuming your DVD player plays all regions.

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Post by Caldric » 08 Nov 2002 18:13

Well if you can not afford it in the US blockbuster has it for rent. My wife is suppose to pick it up at the local wal-mart today, did not tell her the price though. :D

But if you compare it to other movies that are 20 bucks sometimes for 2 hours maybe 2 and half hours long then it is not over priced. Plus you get 80 mins of documentary.

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