Wartime pressing of foreign music in Axis countries

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Wartime pressing of foreign music in Axis countries

Post by Admiral Bloonbeard » 09 Mar 2021 20:37

Does anyone know anything about foreign music being pressed in Germany during World War 2? I been reading about the EMI company. Until 1952, EMI still had deals with American Columbia, until 1957 they still had deals with RCA Victor, and until 1968, EMI still had deals with Okeh. I read that even after the Nazi party came to power, German record companies still pressed foreign music including jazz and swing. Odeon records had the Odeon Swing Music Series with new releases stopping in November 1939, and reissues continuing until the end of the war. After the war started, the German EMI subsidiaries including, Odeon, Parlophone, Columbia, Electola, ect were all severed from the British parent company but still continued to press foreign music including American, via EMI's deals with American Columbia and RCA Victor. How often is it to find records from Glenn Miller, Louis Armstrong, Tommy Dorsey ect in Germany during wartime? These wartime records in Germany DID exist through EMI's reissues. How about other record companies such as Decca and Polydor? Nippon Columbia had deals with EMI and American Columbia until the 60s. JVC was split off from RCA Victor the moment the US declared war on Japan. How was the relationship within the EMI company during wartime as the German subsidiary was split from the British parent, as well as subsidiaries in occupied nations?



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