Auf, Hitlerleute, schließt die Reihen

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Auf, Hitlerleute, schließt die Reihen

Post by D-General » 14 Mar 2020 17:05

Hello, I was reading some articles and they kept mentioning a supposed NSDAP version of the Internationale named "Die Hitlernationale." I was able to find a supposed recording of it from 1936 Summer Olympics, but it was just an instrumental recording though performed by a Third Reich Band, but I was able to get the text itself. I'm curious about the full history of the Hitlernationale and whether other recordings of it exist. It would be nice too if someone can provide me some other recordings of it if possible. Thank you everyone, and have a nice day.

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Re: Auf, Hitlerleute, schließt die Reihen

Post by Ivan Ž. » 14 Mar 2020 17:34

Hello, D-General

There was indeed a Nazi cover of the "Internationale". It began with the line "Auf, Hitlerleute, schließt die Reihen" (alluding to the popular Socialist march "Auf, Sozialisten, schließt die Reihen"). It was additionally called "Die Hitlernationale" or "Deutschlands Nationale".

(The below version begins with the word "Nun" instead of the more common "Auf".)
Lyricist: Anonym
Source: Sturm- und Kampflieder-Buch

The recording you've heard was NOT the Nazi cover, but the real "Internationale" (it was the national anthem of the USSR and China).

I don't know if recordings of the Nazi cover exist (maybe, as part of a medley for example, I should check).

There's nothing unusual about Nazis covering the "Internationale". They constantly copied the Communists, covering their songs (most melodies one can hear on early Nazi records were previously used and recorded by the Communists).

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