Die Kraftradschützen, die sind wir / Die MG-Schützen, das sind wir

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Re: Die Kraftradschützen, die sind wir

Post by Ivan Ž. » 30 Oct 2020 21:58

Auceps wrote:
30 Oct 2020 16:49
Ah, great! Thank you very much again, Ivan! :thumbsup: Couldn't recognize that it was 'eh' (so 'ehe') stirbt...', which makes sense of course. :D But I actually wonder, why are they 'Garde'? I guess both me and Fallersleben have heard that of course, but it didn't make much sense, since there was no 'Garde' in the Wehrmacht.
Cheers. Same here, I kept hearing "Garde" and thinking I must have misheard it, as it didn't make sense to me. The "Garde" could also refer to them (the motorcyclists) being elite, protectors or something similar, or maybe they were tradition bearers of a former guard unit. Or something else, don't know. Note that there's a similar motorcyclist song, which begins with the line "Wir sind die alte Garde-Kradschützen-Kompanie". :?


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