Col Ali Riza Bey (Sedes)

Discussions on the final era of the Ottoman Empire, from the Young Turk Revolution of 1908 until the Treaty of Lausanne in 1923.
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Col Ali Riza Bey (Sedes)

Post by stevebecker » 15 Aug 2020 04:47


Do you have any details on the service of this man?

All I have is;

Col Ali Riza (Sedes) Commander 8th Div 1914 to Commander 6th Corps 11-14 (shown Commander 3rd Corps during fighting Murat River Line July-Aug 1916) to Commander 15th Corps 1918

I did read in Sander's book that he was fired by Enver after Sanders visited the 8th Div, and he told the truth of the Ottoman Army to Sanders.

Sanders said that after he intervened Enver reinstated him?

All this was early 1914 before the war.

I have little on this man, who commanded a number of formations during the war, or what he did post war?



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Re: Col Ali Riza Bey (Sedes)

Post by Tosun Saral » 16 Aug 2020 19:55

StaffCol. Ali Rıza (Sedes) Cof 8th Div. The 8th Div. was at Saros at the order of Saros Group on July 1915 where Sanders waited an invasion. After the landing Sanders movedthe 8th to landing area. The Div. arrived to Gallipoli front on July 21th 1915. On 7/8 August Vehip Pasha the C of South Front ordered the 8th Div to reinforce North Group at Arıburnu -Conkbayırı front. On 8th August foughtat Conkbayırı, On 9th at 15:45 given to the order of Anafartalar Group Command. The 8th foughtthe 2nd Anafartalar battle.

Staff Col. During Sept- December C of 15th AC the Kocaçimen region)

Brigadier Ali Rıza Pasha Cof 3rd AC then 16th AC at Caucasus Front
Brigadier Ali Rıza Pasha C of 15th AC at Palestine
BrigadierAli Rıza Pasha Etappe inspectorof armygroup Yıldırım
Ali Rıza Pasha C of 15th AC at the orderof Syria and WestArabia General Command on oct 1917-July 1918
Duringthe armistrace he was C of 3rd AC near Iskenderun/Turkey
Afterthearmistrace hewent to Albania. because he was albanian and served as minister of war and returned to Turkey
souce:İsmet Görgülü On Yıllık Harbin Kadrosu, (Personal of 1o Years long war)

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