Muharrem Vehbi 57th Regt

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Muharrem Vehbi 57th Regt

Post by stevebecker » 25 Jun 2020 23:41


Do you have any details on this man at Ariburnu at the landings?

Offical History page 158

"The two company strong force at Mersin Ridge, finding a suitable opportunity
leapt forward and came closer to the southern skirts of the Hill Altitude 180. This hill, since it
was affecting both Merkeztepe (German Officers’ Ridge) and the inner wing and the rear of
the enemy groups fighting against the 57th Regiment, could be considered an important
tactical focal point. The 3rd Battalion Commander leading these companies ---------

The Commander of the 3rd Battalion had been wounded and all the rest of the officers killed. --------

The case in point here was the Battalion Clerk, Muharrem Vehbi, who immediately took in to his own hands the
command of the two companies left without any officers and leaders at a stage when
enemy attacks were still continuing and had managed to successfully defend the held

Muharrem Vehbi 57th Regt - 3Bn - HQ clerk 1915 reported took command when all officers killed or wounded at Ariburnu

I have no details on this man, what rank was he and anything you have?

The 3rd Bn 57th Regt at Anzac

Ahmet Tevfik Efendi 57th Regt - 3Bn - 12Co Lt KIA 21-7-15 at Gallipoli from Karaman
Ali Hayri (Ariburnu) 57th Regt - OC 3Bn 1915 & comdr 57th Regt - 10-16 Capt to Maj WIA 25-4-15
Halim Efendi 57th Regt - 3Bn - 9Co Lt KIA 1915 from Nigde
Hasan Efendi 57th Regt - 3Bn - 11Co Lt KIA 1915 from Ermenek
Hasan Efendi 57th Regt - 3Bn - 9Co Lt KIA 1915 from Kaman
Hüseyin Hüsnü Efendi 57th Regt - 3Bn - 10Co Lt KIA 1915 from Erzurum
Mehmet Cemalettin Efendi 57th Regt - 3Bn - 11Co Lt KIA 1915 from Edirne
Mehmet Nuri Efendi 57th Regt - 3Bn - 9Co Lt KIA 1915 from Burdur

I wonder if he was the same man as I show a;

Capt Mehmed Vehbi Efendi 27th Regt - 3Bn - or
Lt Muharrem Vehbi Efendi 27th Regt - 3Bn - 2ic



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Re: Muharrem Vehbi 57th Regt

Post by Tosun Saral » 28 Jun 2020 11:50

Clerc: Bölük Emini. The officer in charge of the accounting, writing, administration and Subsistence in the army and whose rank between sergeant and corporal. The lowest rank is Bölük Emini a company clerck. A non warrior class of ottoman turkish army. they had the similar military ranks. A Bölük Emini could promote to higher ranks. Today we have Personal class.
A Lt Col in 1911
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