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Re: Helferin Items

Post by hucks216 » 16 Jul 2021 10:15

Heimatschuss wrote:
03 Sep 2015 13:23

here's an interesting death notice for a Luftnachrichtenhelferin from a Styrian weekly. She was buried in Reims, Northern France.

Erika Stibenegg.JPGSource:
Steirische Grenzwacht [Radkersburg] of Sep.12th, 1943; 17.Jahrgang; Nr.37; p.6
http://anno.onb.ac.at/cgi-content/anno? ... =6&zoom=33
Erika Stiebenegg ruht auf der Kriegsgräberstätte in Noyers-Pont-Maugis.
Endgrablage: Block 2 Grab 2595

Nachname: Stiebenegg [sic!]
Vorname: Erika
Dienstgrad: Luftwaffenhelferin
Geburtsdatum: 23.10.1925
Todes-/Vermisstendatum: 22.08.1943
Source: http://www.volksbund.de/graebersuche

While the notice says she was 18 years old according to her entry in the database of the German War Graves Commission (VdK) she was only 17! There was a decree (in 1941 I think) that no Helferin younger than 21 (when you reached majority) could go abroad. But this isn't the first case where I've read about females considerably younger being sent to foreign countries. Either the decree about the age limit was later overturned or it was ignored to quite some extent.

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Nearly six years later and we can now find out her unit and how she died. She served in LN-Rgt 203 and died from tetanus after an accident.
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