German POWs in America

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German POWs in America

Post by Jford99 » 14 Apr 2022 00:35

I’m new to this forum. Recently, I started to research my grandfather service in the Wehrmacht during WWII. Unfortunately, my mom and aunt know very little about this time period. What they do know is he served in France, was captured (time/place unknown) and was sent to a prisoner camp in the United States. The only other clue we have is a picture of him that is stamped Guernsey, one of the islands in the English Channel. If he was deployed to this island, he most likely was assigned to the 319th infantry division. It could also he mean he never saw combat since this was a static division. The division surrendered in May of 1945. I’ve contacted the national archives and a similar department in Berlin. Does anyone have any insights into finding out more information?

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Re: German POWs in America

Post by Hans1906 » 16 Apr 2022 18:59

Hi Jford99,

In my book collection, I have a paperback about German prisoners of war in Canada/USA , that might be of interest to you.

Unfortunately, I can't find this book at the moment, but it is about a 120(?) page long documentation, that was probably published here in Germany in a very small private edition in the 1970s?

There are many historical photos of the camps of that time, as well as hundreds of memories of German prisoners of war in the camps of that time...

I bought the little book many years ago from a German forum friend, maybe it contains interesting and good information for you, we'll see...

You will like to search the german "FdW" for "Kriegsgefangenenlager"... ... genenlager

Tragic stories, many of the German POWs never returned to their German homeland.
But that's a whole different story...

Good luck for your search! :milwink:

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Re: German POWs in America

Post by Appleknocker27 » 24 May 2022 13:17

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