Battle of Brody

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Re: Battle of Brody

Post by unsere666 » 05 Jan 2019 09:00

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05 Jan 2019 05:50
Christianmunich wrote:
04 Jan 2019 21:44
Russian losses at Prokhorovka appear substantially higher, do I miss something?
I wrote in my note (in that thread) that the Soviets had 227 write-offs in armor. (from Glantz' book, soviet records) Afterwards, there were other contributions that may have been different. I need to re-read that thread myself. The Germans reported in the region of 400 armor kills, similar to Prokhorovka.


IIRC G.D. launched counterattacks right after the failed offensive that extended their holdings of the battleground- so their knocked out tanks remained theirs and the soviets had a lot of write-offs.

The 40-40 was not accurate (the real numbers are somewhere in that thread. I also have Jung's "Panzerregiment G.D. that has figures".). Mantuffeul taught this battle as a case study and his memory of what tanks he had wasn't accurate.
Thank you, What is the most accurate number of tanks that the GD had?

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Re: Battle of Brody

Post by Cult Icon » 06 Jan 2019 03:19

unsere666 wrote:
05 Jan 2019 09:00

Thank you, What is the most accurate number of tanks that the GD had?
Without spending time with my books, they had different numbers of tanks everyday- depends on when. The thread should have something about it.

I have all the english-language secondary sources on the issue and what I gathered was that G.D. was about half strength in infantry but strong in armor (4 strong armor battalions (Stug, PzIV, Panther, Tiger). However, half or less than half were operational with the rest in short-term or long-term repair. The armor strengths fluctuated with units rising out of short-term repair and into operational status and with others getting damaged. The G.D. write-offs were marginal in this battle.

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