The Draft Operational Plan East of Major-General Marcks

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Re: The Draft Operational Plan East of Major-General Marcks

Post by DavidFrankenberg » 12 Dec 2018 11:32

Art wrote:
03 Feb 2007 18:40
michael mills wrote: After the stunning and unexpected German victory in the West (unexpected by both Hitler and Stalin), Stalin drastically cut back the flow of supplies to Germany, citing as an excuse the fact that Germany was falling behind in its deliveries of manufactured products, particularly machine tools.
The decrease in Soviet deliveries occured not earlier that in October. Here is the table showing the distribution od supplies per months (in mil. marks):
February 10,2
March 9,7
April 16,7
May 21,7
June 34,2
July 26,6
August 67,6
September 94,6
October 42,4
November 28,0
December 27,0
Hence, It's rather doubtful that the decrease was caused by german victory in June.
Maybe the fluctuation of the soviet deliveries was not due to Stalin's decision but rather to the nature of these deliveries.
The most of the deliveries occurred in summer : was it grains ?

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