TOE of 1940 Bersaglieri Regiment

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TOE of 1940 Bersaglieri Regiment

Post by Wargames » 18 Sep 2021 05:10

Mostly I'm interested in the number of men in the two trucked (or bicyclist) battalions.

Gary Kennedy
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Re: TOE of 1940 Bersaglieri Regiment

Post by Gary Kennedy » 24 Sep 2021 10:43

Welcome to the cold, barren landscape of information on Italian Army organization during World War Two!

If you haven't already done so, it might be worthwhile asking on

This is a snippet someone sent me I daren't think how many years ago...

"When the 8th Bersaglieri arrived on ASI (Africa Settentrionale
Italiana), it had a Battaglione Motociclisti (motorcycle battalion) so

Command section
AT Section (Plotone Controcarro)
3 PAK 37/45 (german PAK 37)
3 motorcycle companies
3 motorcycle platoons (Motociclisti)
1 motorcycle MG platoon (Motomitraglieri)

For a TOE of 21 Officers and 709 NCO/Soldiers all armed with the
Moschetto (musket) 91/38, a shortened version of the Carcano 91/38 or the Beretta M 34 as sidearm and an heavy equipment of 27 FM Breda 30 and 12 Mitragliatrici FIAT 35....

Inside the Regiment there also were two motorized battalion with a
different organization

Battaglione Autoportato
Sezione Comando
Plotone Controcarro (3 PAK 37)
2 Companies
3 Platoons
1 MG platoon

For 17 CO and 435 NCO/Bersaglieri."


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