Sabotage of Axis ships in Yugoslavia (Winter 1940-1941)

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Sabotage of Axis ships in Yugoslavia (Winter 1940-1941)

Post by Platon Alexiades » 28 Jun 2021 16:27


I am interested in finding out about these operations by SOE agents in the winter of 1940-1941. On 28 December 1940, the German transport Maritza (2,910 GRT, 1936) was sabotaged at Sibenik (apparently slightly damaged). At about the same time the Italian Esterina (558 GRT, 1889) was also sabotaged at Strozanac but the charge failed to explode. On 27 February 1941, the Italian Senio (1,178 GRT, 1879) was sunk by explosives in the harbour of Split.

Although at least a single British agent was involved, most saboteurs appear to have been Yugoslav nationals and were apparently arrested by the Italian police after the invasion of Yugoslavia.

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