Italian pows in Bulgarian captivity ?

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Italian pows in Bulgarian captivity ?

Post by dont tell them pike » 15 Mar 2021 08:08

After the armistice, did any Italian units get disarmed by Bulgarian forces or get sent to Bulgarian pow camps ?
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Re: Italian pows in Bulgarian captivity ?

Post by DrG » 24 Mar 2021 17:54

An Italian report to the UN Commission of Prisoners of War in 1958 stated that, out of 142,072 Italian PoWs/internees held in Bulgaria, Greece and Switzerland, 128,833 ha been repatriated. I have no more detailed figures (and, therefore, I cannot tell how large was the Bulgarian share) and I don't know whether these men had been captured right after the Armistice of 8 Sept. 1943 or were taken during the German retreat from Greece in 1944, when Bulgaria sided with the Allies.
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