RSI airforce

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RSI airforce

Post by maxpower » 10 Mar 2008 00:56

Did the RSI have any fliers who became aces while serving with it?
Did it have any high scoring fighter units?

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Re: RSI airforce

Post by PanzerKing » 10 Mar 2008 03:58

I'm sure they did, but very few records were probably kept or they were lost. If I remember correctly, the RSI air force shot down at least over 200 allied bombers.

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Re: RSI airforce

Post by Ironmachine » 10 Mar 2008 08:20

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Alpini Arditi
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Re: RSI airforce

Post by Alpini Arditi » 04 Jan 2022 13:31

Top aces for the RSI airforce, the ANR, were Captain's Ugo Drago and Mario Bellagambi with 11 victories each.
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