Someone know about this...????

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Someone know about this...????

Post by Helly Angel » 24 Oct 2002 15:04

In the book of Robert Gellately "NO SOLO HITLER" (Sorry I don´t know the title in english but is like "Not just Hitler") he write about The "BLOODY SUNDAY" in July 17, 1932 in Hamburg. 16 people died by bullets wounds in a street fight (2 more later) between red Front Members and SA men.

Tha killers were mainly police men.

Someone know about this?

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Post by Durand » 25 Oct 2002 19:10

Hallo H.A.,

As I understand it, there was great deal of social and political unrest in Germany during 1932. Paramilitary groups, mainly the SA and some communist groups, engaged heavily in street fights. There was a concern that Germany was on the brink of a civil war much like the days just after the end of World War I.

"Blood Sunday," which took place on 17.07.32, was one in a series of clashes that occured across the country that summer. The SA, protected by police, marched through the heavily Communist district of Altona-Hamburg. At some point, shooting erupted. It is not clear which side fired the first shot, but officially it was blamed on Communist snipers firing from the rooftops. I have seen other sets of figures reflecting the dead and wounded (17 dead, 64 wounded and 19 dead, 285 wounded). As was usually the case in such incidents, the police sided with the Nazis. Most of the dead and injured were non-Nazi in orientation. I do not have a break down of the numbers of Nazis vs. Communists.

Hope this helps.



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