Franz Josef Walz

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Franz Josef Walz

Post by Edward L. Hsiao » 30 May 2005 06:40


What kind of exploits did Hauptmann Franz Josef Walz did in Middle East while commanding FA-304b,an air unit. He won the Pour le Merite. Earlier in the War,he scored seven air to air victories in the Western Front. As far as I know,Walz was the only airman to win the Pour le Merite while serving in the Middle East.



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Post by Regulus 1 » 30 May 2005 20:28


Walz was already a pre-war pilot, served with FFA3 as CO, later was with CO of Kasta 2/Kagohl I in which he scored 6 victories on two-seaters before begin wounded on the 30th July 16, returning to his unit and becoming CO of Jasta 19 on 3 November 1916. Alos was for some time CO of Jasta 2 and after his 7th victory of Jasta 34. 25 August he became CO of FA304 in Palestine. It is generally regarded that he became CO of this unit as he had been unable to lead in a decent way his last former unit of fighterplanes. On the 9th August 1918 he was awarded the Pour le Mérite, but this had to do with his 500th sortie. Became POW on 20 September 1918.
Some sources claim he did get his 7th victory in Palestine, not France.
As mentioned, the only airman who did get the PlM while in Palestine.

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Re: Franz Josef Walz

Post by stevebecker » 06 Apr 2022 22:05


Sorry did't I read that his last Victory was
claimed last plane shot down RAF DH 2 (A2622) British Ace William Curphey N of Severin Ferme 14-5-17 (7 Victory)
Before his move to Jasta 34 June to Aug 1917 and move to Palestine Aug 1917 with FA 304b
I can find no claim while in Palestine for him?
The Aerodrome Site shows his claims as;

1 09 Apr 1916 Kasta 2 Caudron Douaumont
2 21 May 1916 Kasta 2 Nieuport
3 03 Jul 1916 Kasta 2 Bristol Scout (5746) S of Péronne
4 09 Jul 1916 Kasta 2 EA W of Neuville
5 15 Jul 1916 Kasta 2 Caudron W of Somme
6 29 Jul 1916 Kasta 2 EA
7 14 May 1917 Jasta 2 D.H.2 (A2622) N of Severin Ferme


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