Two Bavarian Kings? 1913-1916

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Two Bavarian Kings? 1913-1916

Post by prj453 » 07 Sep 2002 23:10

Why was King Otto of Bavaria deposed by Ludwig III in 1913? Granted he was insane, but he had been so even before he succeeded his brother, and was nominally King during Prince Luitpold's 26 year regency. In addition, I recall reading that his title of King was not taken away, and that Bavaria techinically had two kings during this period. Is this true?


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Ken McCanliss
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last two Bavarian Kings

Post by Ken McCanliss » 15 Sep 2002 00:57

King Otto was deposed on 5 Nov 1913; he died in 1916.

Luitpold was Prince Regent until his death on 12 Dec 1912.

Prince Ludwig succeeded his father as Regent in 1912, becoming King Ludwig III on 5 Nov 1913.

The Wittelsbach dynasty came to an end on 13 Nov 1918 with the abdication of Ludwig III.

(see list under - Germany: States before 1945)

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Post by Lord Styphon » 16 Sep 2002 21:31

Hmmm. That would explain the German battleship Prinzregent Luitpold.

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