Identifying which regiment this soldier was in.

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Identifying which regiment this soldier was in.

Post by inkhussar » 17 Sep 2003 20:52

Here is a postcard that I have of what I believe to be a German Soldier in WW1 (it's dated 1917 on the back).
I have no idea on what regiment he comes from.
Any ideas ?
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Peter H
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Post by Peter H » 18 Sep 2003 03:56

I'd say Cavalry.What looks like a chevron on his right sleeve is a Fechterabzeichen,a sword proficiency badge.

Was he a member of a Dismounted Cavalry unit as perhaps indicated by his leggings and footwear?

The fate on many Hussars--dismounted infantry in the trenches.
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Post by Glenn2438 » 18 Sep 2003 06:34

Whatever he is, I don't believe he is German. The tunic appears French and the cords on the left shoulder are not German, neither are the chevrons on the lower left sleeve. Imperial fencing insignia were worn on the upper right sleeve and were "point down". I think he may be French colonial.


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Nila MadhaVa
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Post by Nila MadhaVa » 18 Sep 2003 09:37

perhaps someone could identify the medal and thus identify the nationality of the soldier.

Tapani K.
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Post by Tapani K. » 18 Sep 2003 11:59

I am no expert on WWI stuff but the collar tabs remind of something I have seen on Belgian uniforms and the medal just might be the French Croix de Guerre.

Tapani K.

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Post by tyskaorden » 23 Sep 2003 21:59

To me it looks like he might be a member of a French Zouave Regiment.

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