Kaiserlich Marine ranks

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Kaiserlich Marine ranks

Post by Felix C » 28 Dec 2021 23:43

One of the U-Cruisers posted a crew roster by specialization.
Kindly correct my translation where appropriate.

1 Kommandant, Commander
4 seemännische Offiziere, Watch Officers
1 MarinesIngenieur, Marine Engineer
1 MarinesStabsarzt, Marine Medical Officer
1 Seemännischer Deckoffizier, Watch Warrant Officer
2 Technische Deckoffiziere, Technical Warrant Officer
2 OberbootsmannsMaate, Senior Boatswins Mate, Chief ...
1 ObersteuermannsMaat, Senior Helmsman Mate. Chief....
1 OberfeuerwerksMaat, Senior Gunner's Mate
4 ObermaschinistenMaate, Senior Machinist Mate, Chief....
2 BootsmannsMaate, Boatswain Mate.
1 SteuermannsMaat, Helmsman Mate
1 Arti. MechanikerMaate, Gunner's Mate
2 Funkentelegrafie-Maate, R.T. Mate
2 Funkentelegrafie-Obergäste, Senior R.T.
1 Funkentelegrafie-Gast,. Striker R.T.
8 MaschinistenMaate (technisches Personal), Machinist Mate
9 Obermatrosen (seemännisches Personal; unter ihnen 1 Koch), Leading Seaman
4 Oberheizer (technisches Personal), Senior Stoker, Chief
12 Matrosen (seemännisches Personal), Seamen
15 Heizer (technisches Personal) Stoker

Ober could be Senior or Chief prefix?
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