Wilhelm von Preußen (1882–1951)

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Wilhelm von Preußen (1882–1951)

Post by Hans1906 » 23 Aug 2021 14:50

The Hohenzollern family again in a focus of the German public.

Friedrich Wilhelm Victor August Ernst, Kronprinz des Deutschen Reiches und von Preußen again, a former NSDAP supporter.

Wilhelm von Preußen (1882–1951) https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wilhelm_v ... 1882–1951)

Link: https://www.deutschlandfunkkultur.de/hi ... _id=501893
Link: https://www.rnd.de/politik/georg-friedr ... S2K2Q.html

Modern monkey business, it revolves around a lot of money, and even more possessions.

Too much was never enough...


P.S. I remember very well a classmate of our then boarding school in the early 1970s.
Some then young descendant of this clan, nicknamed "Willi", or also "Preussen".
Not very good memories of this classmate of mine, an arrogant little asshole, pure decadence, even as a teenager. :(
The paradise of the successful lends itself perfectly to a hell for the unsuccessful. (Bertold Brecht on Hollywood)

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