Deutsches Marine-Korps OOB 1914

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Deutsches Marine-Korps OOB 1914

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Imperial Germany formed two "Marine" divisions in 1914. The initial division fought at Antwerp. The second division formed in Nov & Dec 1914. The Marine-Korps was stationed on the extreme right of the German line along the English Channel from 1914-18.

Here is the OOB for 1914 compiled form various sources, including Der Weltkrieg, 1914-1918 and Karau, The Naval Flank of the Western Front Comments welcome.

MARINE-DIVISION [Designated 1. Marine-Division 29 Nov 1914]
Cmdr: Admiral v. Schröder
Chief of Staff: Oberst v. Hülsen

Marine-Infanterie Brigade Genmaj. v. Wichmann

Marine-Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 1 Oberstlt. v. Lessing

I. Seebataillon (Kiel) (activ)
V. Seebataillon (reservists)
VIII. Seebataillon (reservists)
Total: 12 infantry, 1 cyclist & 1 MG companies

Marine-Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 2 Oberstlt. v. Goetze

II. SSeebataillon (Wilhelmshaven) (activ)
IV. Seebataillon (reservists)
VI. Seebataillon (reservists)
Total: 12 infantry, 1 cyclist & 1 MG companies

Matrosen-Artillerie-Brigade Kapitain zur See Herr

Matrosen-Artillerie-Regiment Nr 1 Oberstlt. v. Bernuth [Apparently comprised of Matrosen-Artillerie-Abteilungen I. (Kiel 1400) & II. (Wilhelmshaven 3000)]
VII. Seebataillon (2 komp.)

Matrosen-Artillerie-Regiment Nr 2 Oberstlt. v. Obstfelder [Apparently comprised of Seewehr-Abteilungen Ostsee (Baltic Kiel) & Nordsee (Wilhelmshaven) 3,000 plus various Sailing, Shipyard & Torpedo-Abteilungen 1,000. Some sources speak of a Seewehr-Bataillon & this may be it, which may also account for why some sources describe one of the regiments as Matrosen-Regiment.]
VII. Seebataillon (2 komp.)

Landwehr-Eskadron Mackensen
½ Landwehr-Eskadron Schwind
1. Landwehr Feld-Artillerie Abteilung X AK (2 batteries)

"Marine-Infanterie" were trained as land infantry. "Matrosen-Artillerie" were men in the navy from non-coastal regions who were trained to lay mines and torpedoes.

2. MARINE DIVISION [Established 24 November 1914; OOB 10 Dec 1914]
Cmdr.: Vizeadmiral Friedrich Schultz

3. Marine-Brigade (Konteradmiral Karl Wilbrandt)

Marine-Regiment Nr 3
Matrosen-Regiment Nr 3

4. Marine- Brigade (Konteradmiral Karl Mariage)

Matrosen-Regiment Nr 4
Matrosen-Regiment Nr 5

3. Landwehr Esk IX AK
1. Marine-Feldbatterie
2. Marine-Feldbatterie
3. Marine-Pioniers Kompagnie

According to Karau, The Naval Flank of the Western Front p. 14:

This second division was to consist of 20,000 men, 4,000 marines, 2,000 from Matrosen Artillery and 13,000 from the Seewehr. They were to be equipped with 40 MGs and 14 quick-firing 6 cm artillery pieces. The bulk of these men came from the North Sea Naval Station (14,000) and the remainder from the Baltic Naval Station.

The division was to be organized as follows:
One Marine regiment
One Naval Artillery regiment
Two brigades of Seewehr of two regiments each
Two engineer companies
Support units

The division was to be shipped out gradually over the course of November and December, only reaching full strength by the end of the year.

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Re: Deutsches Marine-Korps OOB 1914

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A bit convoluted to follow but Andreas did a nice job putting it all together. ... ere.42125/

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