The Tannenberg Generals

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Re: The Tannenberg Generals

Post by Halfdan S. » 24 Jan 2021 13:09

Thank you, Jake,

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Re: The Tannenberg Generals

Post by JakeV » 13 Aug 2022 09:11

askropp wrote:
15 Aug 2014 20:23
If Neuendorf is near Fürstenwalde, Hans Petri cannot have been a PoW there on March 5. Maybe May 5 is correct?
I have revisited this subject. Genealogisches Handbuch des Adels says: † 05.05.1945 in Neuendorf, Suizid. His wife Ulrike Klotilde Neuhaus (from 1916 von Neuhaus, *07.01.1884 in Berlin) also died by suicide in Neuendorf on the same day. His wife's sister Hertha (*13.12.1884 in Merseburg) as well.

Herta had married in 1905 Paul von Richter, a Hauptmann d.R. who was KIA in 1917, who was also Fideikommissherr auf Neuendorf und Zessin auf Rügen (both located near Neuenkirchen auf Rügen).

The most probable explanation is that Petri and his wife lived/fled to his sister's in law estate in Neuendorf auf Rügen. Since Rügen was taken by the Red Army on 04.05.1945, it seems reasonable that Petri, his wife and his wife's sister committed suicide together, all too common during the end of the war.


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Re: The Tannenberg Generals

Post by askropp » 13 Aug 2022 09:37

Another mystery solved! Great job, Jake!
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Re: The Tannenberg Generals

Post by graveland » 14 Aug 2022 19:14

Danke, Dieter and Jake.

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