Extra space in bunkers for Wasserbehälter or....

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Extra space in bunkers for Wasserbehälter or....

Post by JKernwerk » 23 Jul 2022 11:10

In some bunkers we find a extra room in the wall, for instance the 610 of Cayeux, the 610 of Cadzand, 610 of Bloemendaal and the 636 of Le Treport.
The one in Bloemendaal has about the same measurements (about BxH = 100/120 x 60) as the opening in the M262 of Longues sur Mer, we assume this was for bringing bigger (measuring or communications) apparatus in to the bunker.
The measurements of the 610 of Cayeux seems bigger, what could these extra space be for?
Some assume these were for 1700l Wasserbehälter but this seems odd, it seems to fit but filling is hard and was there any need for 1700L of water in a commandbunker?
For me, I have only seen he 610 of Bloemendaal, these are all for bringing in apparatus (measure or communication) that could not be brought in through the normal entrances.
Is there any proof in text or drawing where the usage of these odd spaces is explained.
Greetings Jack.

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Re: Extra space in bunkers for Wasserbehälter or....

Post by der bunkermann » 07 Aug 2022 20:34

Hi Jack,
That is odd,
Cant think of any equipment that wont fit trough the regular entrance, but only trough this hole.. only reason can be long stuff to big in diameter to put through one of the entrance defense scharten?

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