What up with Hydro-Spring recoil system?

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What up with Hydro-Spring recoil system?

Post by Nodeo-Franvier » 21 Jul 2022 09:27

It seem to be inferior system that can't hold up to the heavy use of WWI battles,And British army replace them the first chance they get others armies(Including the Japanese) follow suit after the war.Did the German and Austro-Hungarian artillery using hydro-spring recoil also broke down all the time in WWI?

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Re: What up with Hydro-Spring recoil system?

Post by Hoplophile » 30 Jul 2022 01:27

The tale of the two types of on-carriage recoil systems used with the German 15 cm heavy field howitzer (Model 1913) is told here, on the splendid website of the "Lovett Artillery."

https://www.lovettartillery.com/15cm_sc ... _1913.html

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