Germany and Oil

Discussions on the economic history of the nations taking part in WW2, from the recovery after the depression until the economy at war.
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Re: Germany and Oil

Post by AllenM » 15 Jul 2020 21:37

Too much speculation and bias. Regarding Germany and synthetic fuel. ... 5-9377-9_7

A more general history:

Learn about IG Farben, the world's largest chemical cartel at the time. Their giant plant at Leuna (Leunawerke) was captured intact.

To make Leuna-Benzin required a catalyst, brown coal, which was pulverized, and the addition of hydrogen at high pressure. A small amount of "leuna propan" (propane) was added at the end of the 'cracking' phase which occurred at high temperature.

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Re: Germany and Oil

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