German oil production figures

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German oil production figures

Post by CNE503 » 08 Feb 2020 19:27


Has anyone any figures concerning the German oil production, especially of synthetic oil?
I'm curious about what was imported from Romania or USSR on the one hand, and what was domestic production of crude or synthetic oil on the other hand. I think that the oilfields from Galicia or Hungary did produce too, but in very low quantity.

Thank you for any input provided (with source if possible),

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Re: German oil production figures

Post by AllenM » 08 Feb 2020 21:21

For synthetic oil, see here: ... 5-9377-9_7

Fuel was produced from coal by the IG Farben Leunawerke. A catalyst was mixed with pulverized coal and hydrogen was injected at high pressure and temperature. A small amount of Leuna propan was added at the end of the process.

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Re: German oil production figures

Post by Art » 09 Feb 2020 12:26

Tables from "Oil as a factor in the German war effort, 1933-1945"
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