Say what?

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Say what?

Post by OpanaPointer » 21 Jan 2022 14:06

In Japanese Monograph No. 24* I found the following comments about the Battle of Leyte Gulf, et al.
9. Our combined fleet destroyed the U. S. fleet commanded by Admiral HALSEY which was attacking in the sea east of LEYTE. Under the plan to facilitate the execution of the decisive battle for LEYTE, the 1st Fleet from the SAN BERNARDINO Straits, the 2nd Fleet from the "SURIGAO" Straits, and the 3rd Fleet (with carriers as a nucleus) from the sea east of LUZON Island, all advanced for the attack to the area east of LEYTE.
Our fleet eliminated persistent enemy air and submarine attacks before reaching the area east of LEYTE, arriving at the battle area on the morning of the 25th when it participated in the fierce battle.
At that time, the information reaching the Headquarters was considerably good and there was a report that the enemy fleet received a great damaging blow

Somebody didn't check their email. :wink:

*One version of No. 24. Further work will be done.
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Re: Say what?

Post by daveshoup2MD » 22 Jan 2022 23:39

Typical Axis "foolish Americans will do exactly what we expect" sort of self delusion...

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