Russian OOB during 1944 Offensive on Karelian Isthmus

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Re: Russian OOB during 1944 Offensive on Karelian Isthmus

Post by Art » 26 Feb 2020 13:03

The war diary of the Leningrad Front quotes 308 sorties of the 13 VA on 21.6.44. However sorties given by this source are always different from the war diary and daily reports of the 13 Air Army.
Berlejev Mark Isajevitsh S.lieutenant 703 ShAP Il-2 21.6.44 Portinhoikka (NE from Vyborg, Karelian Isthmus) shot 28.8.44 (?).
From the war diary of the 281 Aviation Division:
"1 Il-2 piloted by sr. lieutenant Berleyev with a gunner sergeant Komarov when finishing an attack was attacked and shot down by 4 hostile fighters. The airplane crushed on hostile territory south of Portinhoikka crossroad."

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Re: Russian OOB during 1944 Offensive on Karelian Isthmus

Post by tramonte » 17 Sep 2020 12:04

juhamart wrote:
20 Apr 2013 11:47
Thank you really much! People here are unbelievably helpful. Now got the aircraft numbers for both sides, so mostly missing now information on tank/spg equipment (and shape of the formations) and any information on status on infantry divisions.

Ifantry Divisions involved in fighting were:


In addition there are some indications of 125th division, but I haven't found it to have taken part in any battles, but being just in reserve.
125th Division was reserve division of 109 Corps of Leningrad Front during whole June-July Karelian Isthmus offensive.
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